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About Our Website

India being a country where the availability of a clean uninterrupted source of power is still a major Issue, the need for good power conditioning systems is ever growing. Weather in cities or in villages the advancement of technology has lead to increased dependency of people on electronic devices, creating greater demand for power. This, in turn has put a lot of stress on the power grids all over the country.

Nowadays, India is witnessing a very rapid industrial growth in all fields from agriculture to advanced robotics. Additionally, a large number of organizations and companies have emerged in a very short span of time, further pressurizing the grids for continuous power. In a country where the power need is much more than the demand, power cuts are inevitable. And in order to keep them in operation continuously, the need of a good power backup solution is the first thing on the check list of such enterprises.

Why UpsInverter.net?

By leveraging our strategic technology partnerships, IP-based accelerators, and agile development processes Generally, buying things in India is a relatively easy task but when it comes to buying power conditioning equipments, it’s a totally different story. With the markets being flooded with products from different manufacturers day in and day out, choosing the right product at the right price can be tricky. Hence, there is a need for a portal which is dedicated only to the power conditioning equipments. Our portal "upsinverter.net" is the first in its class and has been launched with a view to serve the masses 24X7 and provide total ease while looking for power conditioning devices.

With advanced search mechanism along with tools such as the load calculator, this portal lets the users choose the right product at the cheapest price and that too, closest to their location. Now the question arises, "why an internet portal"?? The answer to this question is quiet simple: With the passage of time, internet has become the most powerful source of media and now it has become more like a habit for everybody to use the internet for searching our requirements. UPSINVERTER.NET is exactly for the same purpose. Through this website, anyone can reach a wide number of dealers, distributors, suppliers & manufactures of UPS, Home Ups, Inverters, and batteries for any type of requirements in no time.

Our Values:

  • Love the customer
  • Love the people
  • Innovate and Create
  • Be Integral